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Nico Produce
Fresh Cuts
The Room
Welcome to the Nicho Produce Salad Room.  We're quite proud of what our kitchen employees are capable of producing.  Using all stainless steel cutting equipment, knives, and tables, our employees fill orders efficiently, and always adhere to all HACCP guidelines as set forth by the FDA.  We even go so far as to test for the presence of harmful contaminants in our own laboratory. 

The Process

We start with supermarket quality produce (lettuce, onions, bell-pepper, etc...) trim the excess, and give it a good washing.  (Remember: all produce bought at your local grocery store should be washed thoroughly.)  We then slice, dice, chop, shred - whatever the recipe calls for, or whatever the customer needs.  Then the bagging process begins.  We don't just throw it all in a bag and seal it up.  We seal the ingredients in individual bags.  So your salad comes ready to toss.  The shredded carrots haven't touched the sliced lettuce until you're ready to eat!





The Product


Our kitchen offers a wide variety of processed items.  But we're always willing to explore new possibilities.  If you have any special requests,  please feel free to ask  Paul Ludden about custom ordered salads, celery sticks, sliced radishes, etc...  He is the brainchild behind the Nicho Produce Salad Room, and is always willing to listen to customer suggestions. Below is a list of the items we currently offer.






Salad Mix
Cut lettuce
Cole Slaw Mix
Taco Cut
Cesar Salad and Cesar Salad Mix

Peeled Carrots - Whole

Cabbage - Green and Red
Celery (3/8 X 3/8)
Green Bell Pepper
Onions (3/8 X 3/8)
Bell Pepper, Green and Red
Carrots (3/8 or 5/16)
Onions  White, Yellow and Red
Onion Rings (3/8)
Yellow Squash (3/8 or 5/16)
Zucchini (3/8 or 5/16)
Nico Produce
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