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Quality and Food Safety Policy Statement  
Each of us at Nicho Produce Co. Inc. has an obligation to safeguard each other, our customers and the  
environment by striving to operate a safe and healthy workplace with products that are safe to eat and  
to minimize our impact on the environment.  
Our primary objective is that the service commodities we provide meet or exceed customer  
satisfaction and expectations, always aiming in using the very highest standards and quality products.  
We are committed to continuously enhance the reputation of the brands we produce and maintain  
consumer confidence in our products through the development and implementation of quality and food  
safety systems, standards and practices.  
Nicho Produce Co., Inc. believes that the responsibility for achieving quality commitments lies with  
each worker execution of their jobs and their relationship with coworkers, supervisors, customers and  
suppliers. Food safety is the responsibility of everyone at Nicho Produce Co. that have direct  
influence on ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, storage and the transport of products. The  
following food safety and quality principles are the foundation of Nicho Produce Co., Inc. objective  
and commitment to quality:  
Produce and deliver products that meet the highest food safety and quality standards.  
Meet or exceed Federal, State and Local regulatory requirements for food safety, food defense  
and sanitation practices.  
Implement our HACCP program on each product we produce.  
Train workers to understand the importance and vision of our food safety practices.  
Continually review our HACCP, Food Safety and Food Defense policies, standards and  
procedures to effectively manage risks associated with changes.  
Validate our programs effectiveness by continually conducting self-audits, microbial testing,  
and food safety meetings.  
Ensure that suppliers adhere to the same strict food safety guidelines we follow.  
Regularly measure compliance against these standards and implement performance objectives.  
Set aside budgets for additional new hires as needed in each department.  
Budget for new equipment.  
Budget for continuing education.  
It is my objective and responsibility as Owner and CEO to ensure that the appropriate resources,  
human and financial, are available towards implementing our Food Safety Policy throughout our entire  
operation here at Nicho Produce Co., Inc. Our Food Safety Policy will be reviewed semi annually or  
as needed, at Food Safety and HACCP meetings and our policies and procedures shall be reviewed  
minimum on a yearly basis. Any changes to our policies must be approved through the appropriate  
boards until ultimately approved.  
Tomas R. Villarreal  
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Created: 3/17/17  
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